Mission Statement

To educate youth with the intent to prevent the onset of drug addiction and to support recovering addicts in their pursuit of sobriety. In collaboration with schools and communities, The S.L.A.T.E project will provide informative presentations that open one’s eyes to the struggles of drug addiction that our youth and young adults are combating in our own backyards. The unique perspective of recovering addicts serves to support the choice of sober living and to strengthen one’s desire to improve social and emotional well being. Our vision is to establish sober living homes available to addicts in need in an area that is conducive to recovery as well as bridge the gap between the individual who is suffering and a facility that fits their needs.

We Offer:
Youth & Community Education
Crisis & Support Counseling
Establishing Sober Housing
Treatment Placement

Steven Dodge is a certified Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) and founder of the Long Island based S.L.A.T.E. Project. The S.L.A.T.E. Project is a Nonprofit organization designed to prevent drug and alcohol abuse by educating the community through the life lessons of a living success story. Along with this endeavor, Steven is currently extending his formal education by obtaining his Masters of Social Welfare. At the age of 25, Steven has dedicated his life to the field of mental and substance abuse addiction. A resident of Oceanside, NY and graduate of the local high school, Steven emphasizes the importance for educating the community as well as targeting at risk individuals.

Steven takes a passionate approach toward his audiences by sharing with them his personal battle with drugs and alcohol. He offers valuable insight into the growing epidemic of the often misled and misguided youth and their struggle with substance abuse. Steven has successfully reached great success in reaching the general public by creating awareness and providing valuable information in a format that is well received and easily understood. He continues to receive requests to serve as speaker at various engagements in local communities recently affected by a multitude of drug related deaths. Since his early days of sobriety, Steven has offered open forums and lead discussions with many groups of students, parents and concerned community residents in an attempt to bring this underlying problem to the forefront of the community. He works regularly with the local middle and high schools and serves as a regular guest speaker for Health classes. Student comments have included catch phrases such as, “life changing’, “inspirational”, and lessons are referred to as “the most impactful health lesson of the year.” His positive attitude and organized approach has spread to surrounding communities as well.

Steven and his organization have received powerful feedback from students after speaking at Oceanside High School Human Relations Day. He served as speaker in the 4th-8th grades through the Hicksville Police Activity League (PAL). In addition, he has educated groups of students at JFK High School in Bellmore, NY and at the Bellmore-Merrick Alternative School.

Steven’s public contribution has been equally impressive, from publishing a public service announcement furnished by Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano to providing a presentation hosted by Nassau County Assemblyman Todd Kaminski. He continuously provides insight to the Oceanside Drug Alcohol Wellness Council (DAWC) and has served on its panel regarding several DAWC sponsored community events. With every opportunity, Steven gains momentum in his aspiration to improve the general way of thinking within the community. Through these efforts, people struggling with addiction, parents, community leaders and members have a powerful resource to turn to in their search for answers.

With education on the forefront of our mission, the unity of our community behind us, we will change lives and empower our youth to make healthy choices. We will inspire addicts to seek help, teach families how to support their loved ones, and create an environment suitable for a “Clean Slate." When you speak from the mind you reach a person’s mind, when you speak from the heart you reach a person’s heart, but when you speak from experience, you influence. Influencing lives is our goal, and the only way to do this is to take the first step.

Facts About Addiction

Stay Educated


2013 Young Adult Illicit Drug Users (ages 18-20)

In 2013, 22.6% of people between the ages 18 and 20 reported using an illicit drug within a one month period. Drug use is known to be highest among people who are in their late teens and twenties.

2013 Illicit Drug Users
(all ages)

In 2013, 9.4% of the American population, approximately 24.6 million people, admitted to using an illicit drug within a one month period.

Drug Overdoses

In 2013, 44,000 people died due to a drug overdose, which is more than double the number of deaths in 1999. 52% of these deaths were related to prescription drugs.

New Illicit Drug Users

In 2013, there were 2.8 million new users of illicit drugs within the United States, which averages out to about 7,800 new users per day.